Sean Jefferson
Wycliffe Gordon with
Niki Haris

I'm Glad There Is You

Bluesback Records was established in 2006 by trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, coinciding with the release of his "Rhythm On My Mind", a collaboration with bassist Jay Leonhart.

The main impetus behind creating Bluesback was Wycliffe's interest in having full artistic control, autonomy and the freedom to release as he creates. Bluesback Records also serves as a forum for other artists in Wycliffe's world who have consistently created strong original recordings.

Wycliffe Gordon's original score for the 1925 film Body and Soul comissioned by Jazz at Lincoln Center, has won directors choice at the Park City Utah Film Festival for 2008.


  Barbara Rosene
On the Brink
Wycliffe Gordon
Signature Series
The Word
Bernadette Cleare
Be Clear
Signature Series
  London Arrington
Between 7th & Lenox
Wycliffe Gordon and
Marty Erickson

You and I
Organically Afro Asiatic
Wycliffe Gordon with
Jay Leonhart

Rhythm on my Mind
  Michael Dease
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